About Us

Our Mandate

We are a group of concerned community residents, spanning more than 14 SW Calgary communities, who have come together to give a voice to residents and other stakeholders who have had none to date. We are in support of well planned, efficient and cost-effective public transit improvements for all Calgarians.

We have formed a crowd-funded advocacy group to voice our concerns regarding the lack of opportunity for meaningful consultation given to us by The City of Calgary regarding the development of the Southwest (SW) Transitway and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project.

Our Goal

Our goal is to see that improvements to The City of Calgary’s transportation system benefits all Calgarians by encouraging a transparent, cost effective, collaborative process that respects citizen’s opinions.

Our name was derived from The City’s engage! Policy since we have not been adequately engaged as affected residents. The City of Calgary has breached the Municipal Government Act because it has not followed its own Calgary City Council approved engage! Policy among several other policies.

Our Logo

The logo is comprised of two heads facing outwards.  True partners don’t need to worry about what the other one is doing, both can focus on looking outward for solutions, concerns, and project pressures.

Each of the heads is comprised of small dots representing thoughts and ideas of each party, The City in red and citizens in gray.

The heads overlap creating new common ideas, represented in yellow.  The dots representing the new ideas are larger than either of individual party’s ideas.  Better ideas come when two parties work together.  The overlap also creates a light bulb like shape, the best overall solution coming from the collective of all common ideas.

Ready to Engage seeks to work collaboratively to create the best solution for the BRT.